Sunday, 3 June 2012

More from the Med!

As I was just heading back from the obs this morning, having had coffee with our guests, I saw movement in the Heligoland trap. Thinking that I should make sure it was not a Subalp (with there being two on Lundy in the week!), I made my way through the soaking wet grass in the pouring rain. On approaching, I heard baby blue tits calling. I assumed that the parents were outside the trap (they know what it is all about and don't go in there), and the youngsters were inside. When I got to the catching box end of the trap I was correct, there were two baby Blue Tits... and a flash of Black, white and chestnut! and this little beauty.

It is still absolutely wizzing down though, only other bird of note was a GND past the north end early am, but there were good numbers of waders on the beach early on too.

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