Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Puffin Island Spectacular

A few snaps from a trip out to Puffin Island today, my second time but still fantastic! The sights, sounds and smells made it a real experience.

The main reason for the visit was to survey and ring gulls as part of an RSPB project. A big thanks to Rob for arranging for me to be able to tag along.

Here's the first gull ringed on the day, I believe over 150 ringed in total. It may be cute now but will soon be thieving your fish and chips at a seaside town near you!

While I did help a bit with some gull bagging, I was there for a bit of indulgence with my trusty Canon. A few of my better snaps as follows:

More photos here if you fancy a look


  1. Any sign that the puffin(s) are breeding on the island? Always thought it was a shame they were wiped out.

  2. I would say so, at least three burrows that I saw, with one on the nest, and several Puffins going back and forth with Sand Eels, looking hopeful!

  3. Oh great! They haven't had a good year at South Stack, so it would be good to see them spread out a bit.

  4. Great pics Pete. Love the razorbill.
    Will have to miss out on my annual boat trip around puffin island this year.

  5. Fab pics Pete. Did you get any good Cormorant shots?

  6. Don't think any decent Cormorant shots this time, can't have everything though I suppose! Will have a look through again though, I did the odd one or two shots!