Friday, 12 October 2012

3 Surf Scoter off Llanddulas

At least 3 drake surf scoter off llanddulas late morning.  I was viewing from the lane down to the quarry off the top road just west of Llanddulas but the flock was stretched out way to the west.  The Surfies were at the eastern end of the flock in line with the eastern most turbine.  They were glowing like beacons in the sunlight this morning but could still do with a Questar!
Around 4 Velvet, but probably a few more, plus Scaup in there too.



  1. Great find! I had a nanosecond's view of one in the same flock earlier in the year with Alan Davies - I'm in awe of someone who can find one without being pointed directly at it!

  2. Well all you really need is a high tide, good sunlight and a decent scope, plus a bit of luck.

  3. @Nick - get that day out sorted with us soon we can try again for better views of the Surfs! And lots more birds of course. Have updated our blog today with news of recent adventures - great list of scarce birds see.