Sunday, 21 October 2012

Popped up the Great Orme today, shame I just missed you and Alan, Marc. Also missed the Snow Bunting by just 5 minutes but the Lapland Buntings gave stunning views. As Marc says in his earlier post with a bit of patience they will show fantastically well, nearly creeping across our feet at times. Photographers were backing off as the birds were getting too close for the long lenses to focus, a problem I also had with digiscoping. Most of the time all I could get was head & shoulder shots!! Two of us also had a high flyover Twite, calling distinctively, whilst we were having lunch at the picnic tables in warm sunshine by the car park.


  1. Superb shot Paul! Best I've seen so far. I did bump into you actually- I was walking down to the car park and you passed me walking up. I could see you we're in a rush so didn't stay talking for too long. Glad you had a good day and well done with the Twite- a good record for the Orme and the first of the year up there :-)

  2. Sorry Marc - I get so single minded about getting to the bird I dont even look at who I am bumping into, I have done it loads of times, I just get totally blinkered, having missed the Laps twice this year I just couldnt wait to get up to the crowd on the hill lol!! Thanks for the nice coment about the piccy too - right place right time - when it popped up onto a rock!!