Sunday, 14 October 2012

Richard's Pipit, Lapland Buntings, SEO, Dolphins and Bird of Prey scare!

A productive morning on the Great orme today with some good birds, good views and a bit of a social occasion with good numbers of birders too.

A Richard's Pipit was picked up by Steve Culley and Tony White mod morning over the limestones and was later head calling along the northern edge. Five Lapland Buntings showed well at times. The three birds from yesterday were showing from dawn and another two flew in off the sea before hooking up with the original three. These were proving quite popular amongst visiting birders. A superb Short eared Owl appeared late morning during a rain shower, being mobbed by a throng of Jackdaws. A smart female Merlin darted along the Marine Drive at sunrise. Migrant numbers were as follows:-
Brambling 3, Goldcrest 20+, Long tailed Tit, 12, Coal Tit 7, Great Tit 10+, Blue Tit 15+, Black cap 1, Redwing 2, Pied Wagtail 3, House Sparrow 15+, Greenfinch 150+, Chaffinch 50+, Siskin 5, Lesser Redpoll 4, Great Spotted Woodpecker 3, Reed Bunting, Goldfinch 30+, Robin 10+, Blackbird  7, Song thrush 5, Jay 1 and Magpie 20+.

The Lapland Bunting are showing superbly with up to 5 on the limestones by mid-day. There will be much better pics than these..........

Common Migrants were on the move with good numbers of Tits. Long tailed Tits were on the limestones in the gorse and hawthorns - a sure sign that stuff is on the move.

A smart Short eared Owl appeared in a rain shower, not really knowing what to do it circled the pavements at some height before drifting west.
A pod of 30+ Bottle nosed Dolphins entertained offshore - a great spectacle.

Unidentified Bird of Prey! This got birders going big style. Alex's voice increased in pitch by at least 2 octives as he shouted the bird. Stve will have better pics. 6 primaries, broad tail band, barred underwings. Any takers?


  1. and a propellor at the front

  2. Anyone missing a Steppe Eagle(perhaps).

  3. Kite ? Of the plastic variety.

  4. Haha! I'm not ashamed to admit I thought Honey Buzzard from a distance for the first initial second!!!

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