Wednesday, 10 October 2012

New species for Bardsey

This morning, a fantastic Citrine Wagtail was discovered on the Narrows near the Boathouse. After a rather jumpy start, flying to both North and South ends of the island it settled on Solfach, where it ran within meters of the hide on several occasions, giving spectacular views and great photo opportunities.

As can be seen from the two images all the classic features of a first-winter Citrine Wagtail are present, The 'wrap-around' supercillium/ear covert surround, Broad white wing bars, short tail, and lacking any yellow/olive tones in the plumage. The birds call was fantastic, and buzzy.


  1. The most stunning (and educational) pictures I've seen of 1st winter Citrine - superb Steve. Congratulations!

  2. Cracking record Steve,and a smart bird. I love those rare birds which you get chance to really watch and study, rather than those you get a split second view of and then vanish!

  3. stonkerQ
    Hope it hangs around till saturday