Saturday, 20 October 2012

Four Surf Scoters and a strange Redshank

The three drake Surf Scoters showed well in the late afternoon sun from Station Road, Llanddulas and as I was watching them it became apparent that they were paying rather a lot of attention to a female type bird. As the shimmer disappeared and the sun came out, the triangular shaped head of a female Surf Scoter materialised with the bird diving with the tell tale leap and open wings. The group then split with one drake following the female and the male 'pair' melting into the flock. 4 Velvet Scoter also present today as well as 20+ red throated Divers, 5 red breasted Mergansers and 12 Great Crested Grebes.

The worst picture ever of 2 drake Surf scoters at a miles range!

Below is a picture of a strange looking Redshank that is hanging around Morfa Madryn and Lavan Sands at the moment. A 'leucistic' buffy type bird.

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  1. albino redshank at Gallows Point, Beaumaris. 25th February 2013.