Saturday, 27 October 2012

Clive Stephenson had a Firecrest there once......

Zac had a Thrush Nightingale in Bangor on Wednesday. I had 30 minutes to kill on Wednesday after work so thought I would go and have a nosey.Then I remembered Clive had a Firecrest up there 10 years or so ago, as that path (behind Lidl) went up to Minffordd where he lived.There is a lot of cover up there and it is quite high so it's not surprising migrants drop in there. It looks a really good spot. Zac was still there with Chris, Rob and Simon when I arrived but unfortunately there was no sign of the Sprosser. There were plenty of birds up there and Rob and Chris thought they heard a YBW. Did anything come of that chaps? I was also wondering on the topic of quality photos of North Wales Birders, does anyone have any photos of Clive in the field, as he was one of the charachters of North Wales birding in the late 20th Century but unfortunately he passed away in Goa in 2004? RIP Clive.


  1. Looks like you've just jumped out and frightened Simon. Is that your usual trick?

  2. Good old Clive- funniest birding moment was when he electrocuted himself while trying to break into Bangor Pier to twitch the Fortser's Tern. He must have fallen 10ft onto his back and just got up and carried in as nothing had happened.
    He also had 2 Beeeater up at Bangor Golf Course. He's Sadly missed....

    1. Good post Steve! Glad to hear the report was genuine - shame it wasn't relocated.

      I believe Clive also had a Great White Egret flying over his house once. First met him dipping the Black-headed Wagtail at Conwy in the mid-late 90's (but scoring an Ortolan the next day hopping about lieterally underneath the hide) and enjoyed a few sessions in the field with him. What a nice character! He was one of these blokes who had a mix of hobbies and switched from one to the other rapidly.

      Climbing was a real passion of his. Birding the Great Orme with him weirded me out a bit as he casually recounted tales of climbers/acquaintances plummeting to their deaths along the Marine Drive and near the lighthouse although the resident Peregrines were less macabre!!

      A bit of electricity he would have shrugged off for sure - this is the superfit guy who showed the youngsters in the gym his endless fingertip pull-ups (as someone recounted to me recently). Good to think he passed away in a place he enjoyed and probably birding to the end.

      Good memories :-D

      RIP Clive

  3. Yes twitched that Firecrest with Pete Brown while I was living/working at Bangor YHA. Pete picked it up in a bit of woodland which was blown up to make space for Lidl! Pity the Thrush Thing wasn't seen again but nice one Zac!