Tuesday, 9 October 2012

HOORAY for finishing work early!

Hi everyone,

So i managed to finish by 10am today so on the way home I popped in to the Inland sea to see what was about.

All the usual suspects where about , the sun was shining so much the camo jacket had to come off.

Sat with my back to the A55 i was spoilt with the selection of birds to watch.

There was a good sized flock of Wigeon on the water, plenty of Great Crested Grebes, also Red Brested Mergansers all busy fishing.My attention from the water was broken by a beautiful female kestrel landing just in front of me ,then I noticed the Osprey was still here!!

It flew into the heronry area with a huge Mullet in its talons and I watched as it filled its face and then it flew down onto the post on the beach and preened itself for quite some time ,in fact long enough for me to walk to one of the rocky outcrops for a closer view. I made myself comfy and watched this wonderful bird until it was scared up from its resting post by some fishermen who where on the beach digging bait grrrrr.

I was also spoilt with great views of the Spoonbill both whilst resting with the Little Egrets(which I counted 23 in all today) and then feeding on the other side of the river on the cae glas side.

I also observed a group of Black Headed and Med Gulls gathering just above the grassy areas of the shoreline and they looked like they where feeding on the flies? never seen them doing this before very entertaining!

All in all a great couple of hours!

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