Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ok im an Ospreyer !

Hi everyone,
                   finished work by 11am and I was on the inland sea straight after ,sure enough the osprey is still present.
                   Kitted out with hide,chair and cameras i strolled across the mudflats and was rewarded with great views of the osprey hovering and plumitting into the water after its prey,never get tired of seeing this!
                   So i gradually edged my way across closer to where the bird was roosting and I decided the hide wasnt the way to go so i snuggled inbetween some rocks and undergrowth and watched the bird until it flew off  to fish again , that was my moment,.
                   I gathered everything together and made across the beach and again curled up low in the undergrowth and waited .
                   It wasn't long before the bird was back now the closest id been to it i watched in ore , what a magnificent bird.
                   So here's a few more pics teh best i could do given i'm still trying to get my head around my slr and lens , hope you like.

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