Tuesday, 16 October 2012

unplanned day again :-)

Ok so i wasn't meant to go birding,but hey the Barred warbler had been joined by a yellow browed warbler and if i could catch up with the YBW then it would be another first for me ,so yep ya guessed it up at 5.45am , in work by 6am, finished by 9.30am and meeting up with dave and charlie at soldiers point ,holyhead at 9.45am.

So we searched for the YBW be to no avail :-(,BUT we still managed to see some good birds and met some nice people again.

In the marina area near the beginning of the breakwater we managed to get great views of stonechat and  black guillemot. Quite a few gulls about sheltering from the gusting winds ,it was bitterley cold !

A quick scan of the sea only gave us a solo Gannet,so we decided on moving onwards to try to pin down the Barred Warbler as it would be a first for Dave.

We met up with Ken,Cathy and Norman and we only managed to get a couple of fleeting views and decided at 11.30am we needed some food and a warm drink so I headed off home.
upon my return Dave hadn't had any luck really so we walked down towards soldiers point only to receive a text to say it was back!
We wandered back up the road where Norman had returned with Tony and Paul. They had some great views prior to us arriving back and so the wait began again..

We didn't have long to wait and we managed a few better sightings than earlier, Dave was happy and decided at 2.30pm it was time for home and said his goodbyes. Whilst there we had also managed to spot Crossbills7, Goldfinch 30+, Green finches,BlackCaps,Choughs 4, Peregrine plus other usual suspects for the area.

Unfortunately about 10 minutes after Dave had left us the BW appeared again and this time it showed off really well and i was lucky enough to be ready and i managed to click off some decentish pics.

So that was it another day of graet birding combined with new friendships made and a few laughs along the way, dont worry dave i wont say lol

Roll on tomorrow 7am start for us as we're hitting Inner Marsh Farm and fingers crossed some birds will be logged yet again:-)

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  1. Nice to meet you today, good luck with the Dowitcher tomorrow, hope Cheshire is as kind to you tomorrow as Anglesey was to me today :)