Thursday, 4 October 2012

Another Great Day!

Hi too all!
Well today proved to be another great day for birding around Holyhead.
I was joined my my very good friend Dave from Denbigh and Charlie of course ! "his partner in crime,his Jack Russell"
The day began as per usual for our Holyhead days at Penrhos carpark as I arrived I spotted almost immediately the Osprey Hovering over the inland sea "What a great start to our day!"
Dave had already spotted a dark bellied Brent amongst the pale ones,we also added a few of the usual waders and grebes before we set of on our travels.
Next was the cae glas side of the inland sea , as we arrived I noticed Norman's car parked up so I knew we would probably bump into him at some point ( another VERY knowledgeable local birder who I'm happy to say is now a good friend also),
We walked down the A55 side and sat looking towards the four mile bridge side , here we picked up a good few of the usual birds for the area amongst which i counted 12 Little Egrets , but no Spoonbill today mmmmmm. I then spotted Norman on the cae glas side near the heronry minutes later we had the Osprey again on the cae glas side right where Norman had been earlier, i texted him and minutes later he was with us watching this fantastic bird.
What a shame there aren't any breeding poles set up here as I'm sure we could attracked them to possibly stay and breed here in the future as they are here every spring and autumn , the fishing is fantastic so who knows?
We then moved on to Valley Lakes , Llyn Penrhyn was a little windswept to say the least but again we picked up the usual gadwall, pochard, Sparrow hawk etc. and then we where on the move again.
It was the Range next for a spot of sea watching which unfortunately proved no so exciting , but we added Gannets to the list and we also saw a couple of Common Porpoise so that was a nice sighting for the day.On the way back to the car we also picked upp the local Choughs, always nice to see.
Then it was a pitstop for a brew at my house on the mountain after which we headed for the Breakwater.
This proved uneventful as the rain decided to make an appearance and god knows it chucked it down!, but this was very handy as my windscreen wash had ran out and the window was filthy lol.
We checked out the porthafelin beach and we picked up a lovely Grey Wagtail which was giving a Redshank a hard time for sure.
Then to the fish dock which even tho ive lived here all my life i'd never been birding down there! anyway good call Dave as we picked up a Black Guillemot and a Med Gull but the rain hit us again bigtime!
So it was back to the Penrhos carpark and we where delighted with another two Meds and a load of Ringed Plover ,plus Two Knots.
So the day had come to an end and we made arrangements for next we and said goodbyes ,but on the way back out from penrhos i pulled over as i spotted the Osprey again hovering on the inland sea so we watched it again and decided to try the cae glas side again so off we went and as we arrived in sight of the area we saw the bird fly off way into the distance over Cymuran.
So again we said bye and off we went , but i couldnt leave it there so i found myself at four mile bridge just in time to see the Osprey fly straight over the bridge in the direction of ..... "yes you guessed it Cae blinking Glas lol"
SO! i ended up back there this time near the woods and i was rewarded with some Fantastic views of this beautiful raptor, some pics where snapped ,but the light was going as it was now mmmmmm 6pm!
We'd been out since 9am and i thought well i better  get home now as i hadnt eaten properly AGAIN! BLINKING BIRDING !! lol

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