Monday, 1 October 2012

Colour-marked Ringed Plovers

SCAN Ringing Group has started a new project looking at turnover of waders on estuaries. They started this at the beginning of September with a catch of 90 ringed plover at Llanfairfechan spit.
All birds have a red colour ring on left tarsus, with orange flag on left tibia. The important detail is the 2 character inscription on the flag.

We are particularly interested in sightings - mainly around Llanfairfechan area during next 2 months. However I suspect many will disperse around Traeth Lafan through the winter so they may be seen at any ringed plover roost.

If sightings could be sent to Steve Dodd please: email Also of interest is flock size, and number of birds noted having flags (even if not read) and number of birds without flags.


  1. Hi Rob. I saw one 'flagged' bird amongst a flock of approx 30 on the east end of the Glan y Mor Elias 'spit' on Friday 28th Sept amongst a high tide roost. Unfortunately no telescope so couldnt read inscription, but pretty approachable. Didn't realise it had been marked so nearby!

  2. A Ringed Plover with a Orange Flag with Y3 inscription (above a red ring) has been in the Dearne Valley at Edderthorpe Flash RSPB reserve near Barnsley, South Yorkshire for much of June 2018. It was first seen on 6th June and was still present on 23rd June and has probably attempted breeding nearby.