Sunday, 14 October 2012


Well there i am sat with my brew this morning with the Mrs planing what day we where going to have ,,,, then ! text come through from Dave (Denbigh) "Barred Warbler in breakwater park!!".

Oh god , i live on the mountain I couldn't miss this! a lifer for me on my doorstep, so Mrs was ok with it so off i went.

Met up with Chris, Derek ,Mary and a few others opposite the old magazine building on the right after the second bridge. We couldn't pin it down so Chris took a walk up the top path which brings you onto the second bridge and sure enough it wasn't long and I spotted him waving both arms in the air.

mmm was it he'd spotted the barred Warbler or was it his impression of that old tv advert "Hey petunia he's waving!" ???

So off we went in hot pursuit down the old path which i had ran my cross country when at school .As we arrived we where on the bird immediately.


What a great bird thanks to Ken yet again. I was surprised that it was so big ,not what i had expected at all. We where treated to great views of it wandering around the hawthorns and scrub had lovely views of it in the brilliant sunshine, watching it preening and just chilling out in the sun.

Anyway Fantastic bird, some new friends and still had the afternoon for time with the Mrs walking my five bull mastiffs over the mountain.

Hope the pics are acceptable (especially for Derek!)

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  1. Brilliant picture , keeping up your high standard, thanks and keep them coming. Nice to meet you , hope to see you again soon.