Thursday, 18 April 2013

Adult male Golden Oriole at Cemlyn Yesterday

Here's an email I just received from Chris Lloyd, a birder from York, regarding his find of a stonking male Golden Oriole at Cemlyn yesterday. I'm slightly gutted as I pass that wall in the photo most days!!!! Hello Steve Not sure if you are still the bird recorder for Anglesey (my book is 2009), if not, could you pass it on. I've just returned from 3 days in N Wales. We were at Cemlyn Bay in the high winds yesterday about midday. We had just had a chat with an RSPB senior warden and species reintroduction officer, and Chris from the Wildlife trust. They had literally just driven out of the car park when there was a flash of yellow (even as Chris was driving alongside the start of the fence, but he wouldn't have seen the GO due to the dwarf wall), when up popped the GO, a stunning male. We watched it from the Western car park for about ten minutes, as it battled against the very strong winds, swopping from the field fence line across the road and back again to the scrub alongside the walled house. Funnily enough, I had just read out a line from the "Birds, Boots and Butties", book which said "expect the unexpected at this site!" I did ring RSPB Conway and called in at South Stack. Probably the best view we've ever had, and in the most unlikely of places! Best wishes Chris Lloyd RSPB York Group Leader

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