Sunday, 28 April 2013

April just keeps surprising me :-)

Well if the Golden Oriole wasn't enough last week in Cemlyn Bay I spent this weekend camping in Criccieth with the Mrs and met up with Dave, Linda and of course Charlie and we all went on Saturday to twitch the Woodchat Shrike and Subalpine Warbler down the Lleyn.

After arriving at the Woodchat location it wasn't long before we were onto it, but the only downside was it was right at the bottom of the ploughed field.  We managed some great scope views but unfortunately too far for decent pics.  Then on the return trip after a day out we stopped at the same spot only to get fantastic views right alongside the road and yep as I lifted the camera it was off down the field again DOH!

So onto Uwchmynydd to try and find the Subalpine Warbler. We arrived to find some familiar faces namely Alex and Trevor along with a new contact Phil.
Trevor had seen it S.W a few minutes earlier and so we where all scanning frantically , Its got to be here!! Then Alex spotted it fly from its hiding place and we where all rushing back towards the carpark , but unfortunately we couldn't  get onto it again mmmmm.
We decided to spread out and as myself and Dave walked down towards the corner of the square field I spotted a movement and sure enough after a closer look it was the S.W !!
I called everyone over and we were given a great display from this beautiful bird, fantastic!

Well this was proving to be the best April ever for me especially with 6 lifers and loads of year ticks to boot, BUT we have a couple of days left of April so who knows what they may bring and fingers crossed May will bring some nice surprises too.

Couple of extra pics from the last week.

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