Tuesday, 23 April 2013

White Stork over Caernarfon

I was at my desk at 11:30 this morning when it dawned on me that the local Herring Gulls were starting to make more of a cacophany than usual, as the noise increased I looked out of the window to see gulls everywhere and clearly spooked by something.  I checked from the other window half expecting to see an Osprey go by but instead was greeted by the sight of a White Stork gliding south, dwarfing the gulls!  I ran outside but by the time I got around the Castle to view the direction it had flown there was no sign and the gulls were starting to drift back.  It had been gliding fairly low and direct as though planning on landing nearby so I spent an hour over lunch checking fields to the south, but without success.  I didn't have time to check the RSPB fields at Dinas Dinlle so they could be worth a look if anyone's handy.  Eyes to the skies!

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