Saturday, 20 April 2013

Golden Oriole -still at Cemlyn on Saturday

The Oriole was showing again today at Cemlyn. It spent most of the morning in Tyn Llan Scrub (The scrub behind the pool/"canal".It was in Bryn Aber's Walled garden most of the afternoon, playing hard-to-get amongst the sea of Yellow gorse flowers! There were also 3 male Redstarts, 2 Whitethroats, a few Whimbrel, 6 Meds plus an obvious fall of Blackcaps, Willow-Chiffs, Mippets and White Wags.


  1. Stunning! Thanks for the photo's...

  2. I'm pretty sure I've just seen an Oriole between Cyffylliog and Bontuchel in North Wales - larger than a Blackbird but looked more golden than yellow - was it a young one. It was on the road next to a hedge and flew up and over the hedge. I'm pretty knowledgable regarding birds and I've never seen anything like this before but I've never seen anything like this before. 23 7 13 @14.10