Friday, 19 April 2013

Golden Oriole still at Cemlyn tonight

Here's some shots I got of the Golden Oriole that Tony White refound at Cemlyn tonight. As he drove to the west Car Park it got up from the roadside verge by Bryn Aber Walls where it was photographed on Wednesday.It appeared to flip over into the walled Garden. It disappeared for an hour until Tony headed towards Fronddu (the house by the junction, left to Cemaes right to Hen borth). Just before the juction it popped up in a small Hawthorn Bush on the left before dropping onto the lagoon-side sedgy area.A few of us caught up with Tony. As we peeped over the wall it flew up, showing it's fantastic colours giving great flight views as it flew up into the small pine wood by the cottage straight ahead. Wonderful bird!


  1. Super photos of a stunning bird, and a first on the island for me!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes I've nicked your photos!

  3. Not saying owt, or owt, but does this mean it's flown off?