Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dotterel - Great Orme April 17th, 2013

A superb early morning walk on the Great Orme this morning saw hundreds of birds on the move. Mike Nesbitt had seen and photographed a Dotterel on the limestone pavements last night and hopes were high that it was still there. Alean arrived with a tour group and we set off it different directions in search of our quarry. Within minutes I almost trod on the lovely little plover as it ran up the path in front of me. Result! I was soon joined by Alan, the group and Pete Alderson and we watched the male Dotterel perform in front of us. Unfortunately it wasn't seen after we had seen it with a Sparrowhawk getting the blame for spooking it and making it take flight.

Tree Pipits were buzzing overhead and as many as seven passed over during the next hour amongst the many Meadow Pipits. Ring Ouzels were putting on a good show with at least five birds present in the sheep fields; their chack, chacking call giving away their presence. While watching the Ouzels, Alan called out a nice female Black Redstart amongst them. The bird was still present at 10am when Julian Wheldrake saw it. A few Swallows passed west as did a group of 15 Siskin and some Chaffinches.

As I returned to the car to get to work, Wheatears were pouring in from the sea. At least 20-30 birds were around the car park with over double that around the headland. At least one of the birds was a cracking male 'Greenland' Wheatear.

Yesterday, Pete Alderson had stonking views of a Short eared Owl as it sheltered from the wind amongst the grass tussocks on the pavements.

Always a thrill to see. Hopefully not the last of the spring. A nice bright female would be good.

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  1. Great stuff Marc, I'm glad it hung around for someone else. I only went up there to see the Gouzels that you had reported. Happy days,
    A few more images of the Dotterel here.