Monday, 8 April 2013

Singing Bramblings in Llangefni Dingle

I love it at this time of year when you see winter and summer migrants on the same day. I had a walk in my lunch hour today along Llangefni Dingle. I was actually looking for Red Squirrels as there are apparently 3 females in residence.2 males have also recently been released to hopefully get that population breeding. I had no squirrels but I did have 3 singing Chiffchaffs (my first was at Cefni Res on the 2nd April).I also had a male non-singing Blackcap. I feel this is probably a winter bird as it wasn't singing, there have been quite a few on the Island this winter and I'm not aware of much Blackcap passage on Bardsey. Obviously everything is late this year due to the elongated cold spell but I like to keep an eye on what is happening on Bardsey as it is the North Wales Bird-barometer for assessing where we are at with bird passage, migration, arrivals and departures. The highlight was in the middle of the Dingle where there is an area of wet-woodland that is a sun-trap and is sheltered from the wind.There were lots of Finches singing, Chaffinches, Siskins, Greenfinches and Bramblings! I don't think I've heard them singing in the UK before. It's a buzzy Greenfinch like noise, but maybe not as loud. There were at least three males singing in the same area. These will be part of the 11 strong flock that has been visiting Peter Stuttard's back garden quite recently. I got a few shots of two of the birds today, it was a real treat. That's the thing I like about birding, even after doing it for almost 30 years you can still see (and hear!) new things even in your back yard!

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  1. I went yesterday. Had 2 males and one female. Males nearly in breeding plumage; but not quite full black on the head. Only one tiny burst of song. Seem to remember that Ken Croft has one singing in his garden one June 1st in the 80's?
    Thanks for all your help in locating the birds Steve ~ exactly where you said.