Monday, 22 April 2013

It just gets better and better :-)

Well its been a brilliant April so far and the last week has just got better and better for me.
Firstly beginning of the week I accompanied Dr Craig Shuttleworth whilst he trapped Red Squirrels on my patch, what a day! we  first baited the areas with sunflower seeds and the following day we wnt in with the live traps. Each trap was covered with a bag which then was covered with the forest floor to keep the trapped animals dry whilst they had a feast of sunflower seeds inside. we put 10 traps out at various locations and to our disappointment we only managed to trap one male and one female, but on the plus side the female was lactating so therefore she had young so she was released immediately and she shot off like lightening! here's a few pics.

A few days later I was made up to finally catch up with the Drake Garganey which had been present at the RSPB reserve in Gaerwen (Pentre Berw Marsh). It took me three seperate visits to finally get lucky with this one but it showed well through the scope and i managed to get a record shot at least. Also was great watching the Swallows and Sand Martins over the reedbeds these birds amaze me , so small and fragile yet look at the distance they travel, every year! Had some lovely views of White Wagtails here too, i think this reserve will end up one place where everyone will be wanting to visit and for us locals , well bonus its on our doorstep.
Well Saturday I had to make the effort to get over to Cemlyn Bay as they had a GOLDEN ORIOLE which had been present since Wednesday and I had only found this out on Friday evening, now this was a bird I had to see!!
So I picked my good friend Norman up and headed of there at 8.30am. As we arrived we noticed one of the wardens David walking close to the small lagoon so we headed over.We had a chat and as we walked back to the small bridge he called us back it had appeared on the far side on top of the bushes, dam we missed it!
We where then joined by Steve Culley, Tony White and another chap who I'm sorry I didn't get the name of.They spotted it on the way towards us but by the time we got to them nope wasn't to be it had gone again DAM IT!!
Finally we managed to find it YAY!! in the shrubs opposite the walled house just after the bridge over the lagoons. WOW what a fantastic looking bird , how can something as bright as that disappear into the surroundings so effectively?? Steve managed some shots,but I was so made up to watch this stunning bird i forgot about the camera hanging around my neck lol OPPS! Even worse later that morning whilst we watched a gorgeous male Redstart at the same location we look up to see another birder rushing towards us only to be told by him that the Oriole had flown right over our heads whilst we where watching the Redstart lol oh well.
So today , Sunday the day started off horrendous! but as i was stuck indoors all afternoon conducting Karate Grading's for my students it didn't bother me , that was until I noticed the glorious sunshine flooding in through the blinds late afternoon.
It was decided then that when I finished it was back up to Cemlyn to hopefully get that record shot that I missed yesterday. As I arrived I met Tony who told me where to hopefully find the Oriole , they had been given fantastic views all afternoon and Tony had some fantastic pics so fingers crossed I would get my record shot.
YAY I managed it! the Oriole showed really well a tad to far for a decent pic with my set up but hey ho I got some decent record shots for myself....Hopefully this stunning bird will hang around a little longer for more of us to be able to admire it, so advice to all,try make the time to visit and be prepared to have a wait and possibly a fair bit of walking BUT you wont be disappointed believe me ;-)


  1. Brilliant shots of the GOLDEN ORIOLE mayey... Well done! ;)

  2. Thanks Alan, just gutted didnt use tripod but it was just fleeting views each time so not enough time to set it up etc, bet there's alot better pics out there of this bird but hey at least i have my record shots :-)