Saturday, 16 February 2013

Craig bran Bannog and Llabedr-a-cennin

I had a free morning today and as the weather was good I thought I would head off to Cloc to see if I could see the Shrike.Tony wasn't coming out to play due to work commitments but Martin was free to join me to stop me getting lonely up on those forest tracks.We headed off up through the forest and Martin reminded me how he had had Blackcock up here in the past but that was quite a few years back now, and I must say I hadn't seen any up there for years now.We hadn't been there long before the Shrike was showing well, doing it's circuit of the summit.Although it showed well it always kept a reasonable distance.There were a few pairs of Ravens and some small flocks of Bullfinches otherwise it was dead.Llanbedr-a-cennin produced the goods as usual.Hawfinches were in St Peters Churchyard in the Yews and feeding on the floor just outside the Church walls. We also saw them as you walk to the "Y" junction, take the left fork and they were singing behind the first house on the left. Also as you carry on down that road we had another in the tree tops. A local told me if you carry on to the next house the lady there said she gets them on her feeders! He said a birder told her "but they don't come to feeders", she said "well they do to mine!" fair play to the lady. So it may be worth checking that spot out as I must confess I don't often go that far as I've usually had them before then. I thought I would finish on this lovely photo of Martin in his youth sporting a dodgey tash in the days before "Movember". He gave me some old bird reports today(thanks)and this old photo fell out of one old report. So remember, when you give stuff away check you haven't hidden any dodgey photos in them first!

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