Friday, 1 February 2013

Satellite tracking of Greenshanks

Jan Owens (Aberffraw) showed me these photos today of a colour ringed Greenshank (looks like two orangey/red rings) with an apparent radio-transmitter of some form on the upper ring.A neighbour of hers took the photos. It has been on the river there since Christmas. Can any of you ringer sorts out there cast any light on the origins of this bird? Many thanks.


  1. Now this is exciting, so long as it wasn't ringed in Bangor

  2. Possibly French, see:
    for details of the project and contact details to report the sighting.

    Phil B

  3. Thanks to Jan for reporting it, I've just heard from Brian Etheridge that it is one of 10 birds ringed in Sutherland, Highland in May 2012. A British breeder! A 1.5g geolocator is indeed the item attached to the upper ring and the team propose to remove this during 2013 if the bird returns to the same area. Another fascinating insight into bird movements thanks to colour ringing and observers!