Saturday, 23 February 2013

odd Pied Wagtail, or not.

This bird looked a bit odd to me today but I reckon is just a female winter plumaged yarrellii but I dont recall seeing anything quite like it before.  The extensive grey dusky flanks, fairly clean neckline as on alba, and uniform grey to mantle stood out.  Any thoughts?  It was in Penrhyn Bay on the horse field at Winllan near Creuddyn.

male Pied Wag yarrellii at Conwy RSPB taken by Pete Wood and I saw one like this today in Abergele
  Pied/White Wag alba at Conwy RSPB taken by me in April 2010 i think


  1. Female Pied Wag to me. I have seen dark birds before.

  2. I reckon with dark dusky flanks like that its a Pied, couldn't make much out on the pic you emailed. Won't be long til the first Whites are back.