Sunday, 10 February 2013

Waxwing feeding behaviour

Went over to Denbigh with JR this morning and despite the gloom had decent views of some 50 plus waxwings. I was intrigued by their feeding behaviour with the birds systematically wiping out the berries on one hedge and yet completely ignoring the second berry-laden hedge as though they were keeping that one on standby. Anyone noticed this type of behaviour before?
The front hedge is nearly wiped clean by the waxwings while the side hedge has been left virtually untouched.


  1. Cracking photo of the waxwing, We have been watching these birds for the last 10 days or so and they have move from feeding on the Rowan tree to our hedge then across the road. The most birds i counted was a couple of days ago when there was 120 plus in perched in the trees.
    We are quite used to them now and find it more exciting watching the Twitchers

  2. It is odd but whilst I was there a mistle thrush sat in the tree between the two hedges. Perhaps this put the waxwings off?

  3. A mistle thrush was still around this morning Kev and even though it sat a couple of times in the feeding hedge and while it did make the waxwings hesitate a bit it didn't force them over to the other hedge!

  4. great to hear that the waxwings are still about - must try and find out exactly where - would love to see them again