Friday, 15 February 2013

From hills to sea - part 2

Joined JR and Dave this morning for a site visit to see bramblings and tree sparrows and were rewarded with superb views of both species around the feeders. Up to 10 tree sparrows have been seen with as many bramblings and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the farm owners. Carried on with JR to Flint castle to look for twite and as the tide came in up to 50 birds were viewed either on the castle itself or surrounding saltmarsh. While were there Kelvin turned up to try and continue with his ringing project on twite but only a Linnet was lured into the net in slightly breezy conditions.

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  1. .Three colour combinations were definitely recorded in the Twite flock. Green/white stripe a 2010 Nant Francon, blue/orange stripe a 2011 nant Francon bird, white over yellow a 2012 nant Francon bird. All these birds have an orange on the right leg which signifies the North wales breeding population. The flock will be there for a further few weeks so any more ring combinations would be great, as a couple of colour were seen but not good enough to get the complete combination, and these birds could be from as far afield as north Scotland to the Pennines.

    Kelvin Jones
    North Wales Twite recovery project