Wednesday, 6 February 2013

White-wingers on Angelsey

Both adult Iceland and Glaucous Gulls seen in fields along by Pentraeth Motors in field by chalets and a big pipe full of muck which is being spread on the fields which should keep them between there and Bangor Harbour or Traeth Dulas at least so keep a look out.  Will try and get a grid ref.

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  1. Iceland Gull was at SH538760 at ~8.20am this morning. Managed to catch up with the Glaucous Gull at ~ 5pm at SH545745. Iceland Gull was similar size to accompanying Herring Gulls, more rounded head, bill similar proportion as Herr Gulls, long primaries, no tertial step. Glaucous was more of brute of a gull, 1 1/2 times as big as HGs - with a far larger girth still, strong angular head, massive bill and whiter mantle colour than Iceland. Lesser BB Gull on same field as GG.