Wednesday, 13 February 2013

'Mazing Murmuration and Med Gulls

Plenty of gulls along Colwyn Bay beach this evening including two adult Mediterranean Gulls and a first winter on rocks further towards Llanddulas. At least five Lesser black backed Gulls and three 'argentatus' Herring gulls. Definitely a build up of Common Gulls with several hundred present. Highlight of the evening though was the amazing spectacle of upwards of 10000+ Starling coming into roost at Colwyn Bay Pier. The advantage of watching here over other local murmuration sites is that you can get right under the action and watch the birds come in to roost on the old pier; a cacophony of noise and movement. A cracking female Peregrine came in for the kill a few times but the massive flock evaded its swoops each time - well worth a visit from some 30 minutes before dusk.
Taken with y iphone and just a section of the flock. Great to see so many local non-birders enjoying the spectacle too. It also brought the traffic to a near standstill too!


  1. definitely worth the trip - thanks for the tip! What's the situation with the waxwings in Denbigh?

  2. Hi Sharon, I've heard they have dispersed a bit, a report of some near the Mart in Ruthin today, along the bypass but as the berries disappear they'll move about.