Monday, 11 February 2013

Waxwings in Denbigh 14 now ringed

Since Saturday they've finished the berries on the roadside hedge and moved onto the other one.  With quite a bit of time spent there this morning 14 birds were ringed but the colour-ringed bird evaded the net.  They returned to feed again and again and also remained after we had finished.  A great spectacle- we watched them drop down and drink out of the gutters on the houses further along with the odd one or two doing the reconnaisance work before they'd all go for it!  Also great hospitality from the locals too who were interested to see the birds in the hand and one young chap helping releasing them after ringing.  Thanks to all who popped out.

 in the weighing pot, the females a bit bigger than the males. Note colour brightness of adult, mush less defined on last years birds.
 wing colour and waxy tips


  1. I've just heard back about the colour-ringed bird thanks to Tony, David and Raymond. It was ringed in Aberdeen on 16.11.12. And has moved 449km SSW and this is the first resigning of this individual. Raymond adds that 500 have remained around Aberdeen this year, whilst normally the majority move further south. As such there have only been 20 resightings outside the NE of Scotland and these have included mid Wales, Ireland, England, Germany and Netherlands.

  2. Fascinating Rob. I love the picture of those wingtips and tail with the bird with it's head in a pot. In wWelsh - Aderyn Cynffon Sidan - Silk tail bird - sums it up really.