Sunday, 24 February 2013

Dodgy P'madog

 This caught my eye among the other European Wigeon on Llyn Bach, Porthmadog this afternoon.  Wigeon x Gadwall possibly or maybe some Yank Wigeon in there?

There were good numbers of Teal and Wigeon on the marsh and 10 Little Grebe with 5 on Llyn Bach and 5 on the Marsh.  20+ Blkwits also and a Treecreeper flying up the cob!  Approaching Llyn Bach a pipit flew up calling off the marsh and flew over the cob and sure it was a Water Pipit.  Up on the Foryd later afternoon was a Razorbill- just off the castle, 150 LB Brents, Grey Plover and a Spot Red on that inland flash that never has anything on it.


  1. My first thought was Wigeon x Gadwall.

  2. Especially the photo of the bird facing you, it looks very Gadwall-esque and note the increased black on the bill, (the Gadwall genes kicking in).I don't think there's Yank Wigeon in there.

  3. I concur.

    Hybrid wildfowl under discussion on the blog again - is this the year's ornithological nadir?

    Must admit it's a nice looking bird.