Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sychnant Jackdaws, 'Scandinavian features'

There are three with a flock of 54 'normal' looking Jackdaws in a stubble field between Conwy and the the horse riding stables by Sychnant Pass. I only managed a photo of this one below. These are the 8th, 9th and 10th showing Scandinavian features I have found this winter. Must be many more similar looking birds out there.

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  1. Nice one Rob interesting that most appear in winter and disappear early spring and your experience up north shows that they do move in and out of the uk. I think there's more to learn about them - most you see are out on fields feeding with roving flocks so not the same as the birds sat on my roof. I think Steve had a resident bird on Anglesey and Elfyn in Criccieth which had similar features so some might remain which is an odd movement and muddies the water a bit as to how WRP are going to assess them or not. You're certainly building up a better picture of numbers out there locally though.